Thanks to Anne-Catherine, we had the opportunity to “do” a little more than usual and to collaborate with a diversity of people from the village. Awesome!
Hopineo HopTrip Février 2016

La Source aux Lamantins, a sublime setting, quality restoration, beautiful moments of sharing with people of a simplicity and generosity that would make a child or a spoiled adult turn pale!

Manuel Delgado Eiffage Travaux Publics Haute-Marne

A place full of charm and magic. Anne-Catherine, the owner, as well as her staff, will reserve you a warm welcome! Everything is there to seduce you: pool, spring, hut, vegetable garden, exceptional food, excursions … A place of well-being that represents this eco-place! I highly recommend it because it is very exotic for both the eyes and the heart …

Lena Lille, France